KPS Dies

We build progressive stamping dies to meet or exceed all of our customers needs, whether it is down and dirty prototype tooling or high running, high tolerance class 1 dies. Dies can come with all necessary setup plates and parallels ready to be mounted into your press. We can use Fortel die sets as well as traditional steel. High volume dies will come with cutting and forming inserts. We use Impax punches along with optima coatings to give longer punch life. Form blocks can be coated for lubricity or long life as well. All of our tooling is designed and drawn on AutoCAD and all critical details and all dowels holes are wire EDMed on location. This makes the tool very easy to repair or replace.

Single hit dies are made for flexibility in mind. The gauging is always adjustable. The die is cleared out for easy part entry and exit.

Progressive Die

portfolio single project

Form Die

portfolio single project